I Can Read! Summer Reading Camp July 2022

07/21/2022, 9:00 AM to Noon

Weekly on Tuesday,Thursday

Down Syndrome Association Office 154 Timber Creek Suite #5 Cordova, Tn 38018 map

Martine Hobson 9015477588


The summer time is a time for student to lose skills they learned while at school. The Down Syndrome Association is hosting a summer program/camp to ensure that your child maintens these skills acquired throughout the school year. Camp participants will be working to improve their literacy skills, cognitive skill, speech and lenguage skills, fine motor skills and social emotional skills.

Through Natalie Hale's " Special Reads for Special Needs" reading program, readers will get many opportunities to further their literacy skills. Examples of literacy skills include reading, writing, drawing and describing, storytelling, etc. Literacy skills are important in order for a child to discern interpret the information around them.

Cognitive Skills: include pre-math skill ( counting& identifying numbers) letter, shapes, and color recognition, visual perceptual skill, position (up/down, under/over) and problem-solving and reasoning skills. Cognitive skills are important in order for the child to participe in classroom activities and establish the foundations for effective learning.

Speeach and Lenguage: Readers will have several oportunities throughout each camp day to improve their speech and lenguage incluiding following directions, expressive communication, building vocabulary these skill will be refined and taugth through play and through participation in tutoring in the reading program.

Fine Motor skill: Which will be improved during a variety of activities involing play, washing hands, catching a ball, crafts, etc. These motor skills allow a child to improve their coordination, increase hand-eye coordination, increase bilateral skills, increase balance and so on. This important toassure independence in their environment

Social Emotional Skills: These skill include cooperating and sharing with others, taking turns, following directions. Which help our reades interact positively with others in differing environments.

Schedule: TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS - Beginning July 5th!

9:00-9:30         Readers Arrive - Free Time
9:30-9:45         Bathroom/ Wash Hands
9:45-10:00       Yoga Time!
10:00-10:30      Story/Literacy Activity
10:30-10:45       Bathroom/ Wash Hands/ Snack time
10:45-11:15        Academic Center/ Art / Sensory Activities/ Fine Motor Activities
11:15-11:30        Clean Up
11:30-12:00        Cool Down Educational Television
12:00                   Pick up




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